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Which course suits me?

There are two different possibilities to choose the appropriate course for each person. Either a test of classification or the person visits a trial lesson and decides afterwards, if it is advanced enough.

How can I register myself for a course?

Private participants have the possibility to register themselves online or at the office of PSP Sprachpunkt. Participants of Integration need to come personally to the office.

What are courses of Integration?

Courses of Integration are mainly cheaper, because they are especially for persons, who want to migrate to Germany and these courses are supported by the Ministry of Migration and Refugees. Receiver of Arbeitslosengeld I/II can visit these courses free of charge.
PSP Sprachpunkt is engaged with people, who are not able to speak German or to speak it fluently. Depending on the previous knowledge, PSP Sprachpunkt offers different types of courses/levels, such as A1, A2, B1 and B2.

Where are the differences between the courses?

Level A1 is appropriate for people, who have no basics in German and the German grammar. Level A2 is more progressive. Conditions, which the participant needs to have are, first of all, main basics in the German grammar. Level B1 is appropriate for persons, who want to improve their German. They are able to speak German in whole sentences, but also know important parts of the German grammar.
Level B2 is mainly for persons, who speak German fluently, but still want to fresh it up.

How long does a course take?

Depending on which course you visit, the duration can vary from 10 weeks including 20 lessons (45 minutes) per week for each level (Intensive Course) to 6 months including 8 lessons weekly  for each level (Evening Course). Every student needs to reach level B1 and to pass the examine to receive the certificate „Zertifikat Deutsch“.

How much does the participation cost?

The fees for private participants are, depending on which course you take, 238€ (Intensive Course) to 119€ (Evening Course), for 4 weeks.
Participant of Integration pay 1€ per lesson. For receiver of Arbeitslosengeld I/II, the courses are free of charge.

How can I pay the fees?

Private participants need to pay the fees one week before the course starts cash or by money transfer. Participants of Integration , who pay 1€ per lesson, also need to do this before the course starts.

How big are the courses?

The average number of participants sway from 8 to 10 persons. Every course starts with at least 4 persons and a maximum of 12.
If the number of participants is less than 4, then the number of lessons per week will be reduced from 20 to 10 hours.

Can I take part in a trial lesson, before I make my decision?

Yes, of course.

To which periods of termination do I have to stick to?

Contacts usually are concluded for 4 weeks. It is also possible to conclude contracts with different durations. On the last day, the participant has the possibility to book a continuation of participation, if not, the contract liquidates automatically. There will be no extra costs for the participant.

Where can I find PSP Sprachpunkt?

PSP Sprachpunkt is located in Berlin/Kreuzberg, Lausitzerstr. 13, 10999 Berlin. The school is situated between Görlitzer U-Bahnhof (U1) and the Paul- Linke- Ufer.

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